Technology expertise is nothing if not delivered to the customer satisfaction, on-time and on budget.

We work closely with our clients and take on-board their objectives as if they were ours. Over the years we have worked on significant projects, all of which have been resounding successes.

  • Securities Lending/Borrowing, developed for a German Bank and in production since 2002. ObjectLab provided a full lifecycle service from UML Analysis, development and 24x5 operational and business support. This system offers a front-to-back office integrated trade capture, settlement, fee generation and GL generation.
  • Collateral Management, developed for a German Bank and in production since 2003. The system offers significant front-to-back end advantages and the ability to monitor collateralization levels in real-time.
  • B2B Barter Exchange, developed for a dot-com, the site was built around the 'network' effect so successful at eBay. It offered the ability to multiple vendors to sell their goods and services for a local currency, this currency can be in turn used to buy goods and services. Bartering is a great way to save cash.
  • FX Spot & Forward Trading, developed for a truly global American Bank, one of the top 3 FX players in the world. The system was tailored to accept orders from multiple source and provided sophisticated spread engines
  • FX Options Pricing, developed for one of the biggest global American Bank, the system offered significant business advantages over the competition. Salespeople worldwide were able to price FX Options (Vanilla and Exotic) based on the latest real-time implied volatilities.
  • Risk Management VaR, the client was a global American Bank, the system based on historical and stress test VaRs was hailed by the Bank as its 'saviour' during the Russian default debacle of 1998; the bank did not lose any important sum despite very large trading positions.
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