QALab is an open source project sponsored by ObjectLab Financial. It is released under GPL and available at

QA Tools like checkstyle, pmd, findbugs and simian are great build tools but they only take a snapshot of the state of your project. You do not get a sense of the trend of your project.

This project collects and consolidate data from several QA tools, like pmd, checkstyle, FindBugs and Simian and keeps track of them overtime. This allows developers, architects and project managers alike to be presented with a trend of the QA statistics of their project.

This project can be used via ant or Maven (1.x or 2.x). There are three main usage:

  1. Collect Data from QA Tools into a generic qalab.xml format. This is a necessary step to consolidate data. Refer to the documentation from Checkstyle, PMD, FindBugs and Simian in order to generate the xml reports.
  2. Generate Charts from qalab.xml for each file; these will show the trends over time for each file and the overall project.
  3. Generate a summary xml and html pages with the files that have seen a change in their QA statistics over the last n days. This is particularly useful for developers who can see the impact of the latest code checked in.

Furthermore, we are very pleased to announce that QALab was selected by Borland and is also supported/integrated in JBuilder 2007 as part of the new TeamInsight team-RAD feature.

"We are really excited at the collaboration between ObjectLab and CodeGear" said Joe McGlynn, Product Manager for JBuilder. "Our engineers were searching for an innovative way to consolidate and trend key project metrics and we found a truly wonderful solution in QALab".

ObjectLab has worked with Borland's Developer Tools Group ("CodeGear/DevCo") to make the transition to Maven 2 smooth and rich 'out-of-the-box'. QALab itself will remain independent and carry on supporting all platforms.

ObjectLab's team has in depth experience in setting up build environment for XP with a strong emphasis on quality control. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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