JBoss Application Server was the first J2EE compliant, production ready, open source application server on the market. It is a high-performance, reliable platform for large scale business applications, combining a robust, yet flexible architecture with a very cost competitive - free - open source license.

In 2002, ObjectLab successfully integrated the JBoss Application Server into a European bank. We developed and deployed a large scale Securities Lending/Borrowing trading application, interfacing with settlement systems such as Gloss, SWIFT and Euroclear as well as many accounting and reporting systems. This system, deployed on JBoss, is still in operation.

This particular integration of JBoss used the following set of technologies:

  • JBoss on Solaris
  • Sybase 12.5 as the back-end DB
  • EJB application with powerful WebStart client
  • Tomcat and Struts application
  • IBM WesphereMQ (aka MQSeries)
  • JBoss internal queues
  • Bloomberg connectivity
  • Gloss Bureau integration
  • Summit integration
  • SWIFT Payments integration
  • Fax & email PDF confirmations
  • Role-based security, high level encryption and password policy.

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