Open Source Technologies

ObjectLab has gained years of development expertise with many open source products, notably JBoss, Apache and Tomcat. We put our first JBoss system in production back in 2002. Another open source framework we have used extensively is Struts, which we've implemented with much success in web applications.

JBoss was sucessfully deployed at a European bank in a Securities Lending and Borrowing project. JBoss integrated seamlessly with MQSeries/JMS and Sybase, which were standard infrastructure at the bank. We were completely satisfied with this application server, making use of its high security role-based model, strong encryption and password storage.

ObjectLab also used and contributed to some open source libraries to generate charts, do GUI customisations, provide FTP capabilities, and generate PDF confirmations in both English and Kanji (Japanese characters).

Furthermore, ObjectLab has harnassed the best of breed Quality Assurance tools to define a unique XP Development Workflow.

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