Our mission is to produce very high quality, mission critical software for the enterprise, applying the skills of highly competent team members in a mutually supportive environment, working closely and continuously with the client to ensure complete satisfaction.

The Core Team
We are extremely proud of our pool of talented people, who collectively enable us to supply a wide variety of skills to our client projects.

Research Director

Our Research Director who is also a private Research Methods tutor fulfils all our research requirements.

Project Managers

We are able to provide extremely competent project managers with proven track records of delivering large scale projects. These highly talented and self motivated people can ensure your project is completed on time and within budgetary constraints. Their history of project delivery attests to their level of commitment in assisting clients to reach their business goals.

Business Analysts

Our business analysts are dedicated to bridging the gap between the software developers and the client. Extensive experience in modelling business domain problems and scenarios have equipped them with the necessary skills to effectively translate business requirements into unambiguous models. We place a high value on our technical people understanding the business as we believe this results in the production of far superior software. Our business analysts take great care to effectively communicate business concepts to developers, with some even having quite extensive development experience themselves.

Software Architects and Developers

Our architects and developers are experienced in a wide range of software technologies written in numerous programming languages, spanning both the proprietary and open-source spheres. We are continuously researching new technologies and tools, ensuring applications we develop are done so with a comprehensive knowledge of the software world, both in established and leading edge technologies. We specialise in the programming language of Java. Our people have applied this technology in a variety of problem domains for a range of industries, in both small and large scale enterprises. Over the years we have come to appreciate the power and huge potential that this language offers. Translating this into the delivery of quality real world solutions is the challenge of every software developer, and our people have learnt to do this with a very high degree of pragmatism and success, a result of many years using technology to solve business problems. We deliver on the promises of the information technology industry.

Software Support Staff

Once a software solution is being used in production, our support people are able to ensure that it runs smoothly. Their extensive experience in business critical, high volume systems have equipped them with the knowledge, tools and communication skills to resolve issues quickly and effectively. With an open communication channel to developers, they are also uniquely placed to suggest refinements and improvements for future releases of the system.

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