CV Technical Review

This is a technical appraisal service run by experts with broad and recognised experience in the Java and J2EE field. It offers you an independent review and check of a candidate's technical experience.

Why Use SkillCheck?

Information Technology moves so fast that only expert practitioners can keep track of it, many claim expertise, few achieve it. This service helps you to validate your candidate's experience, this will:

  • Increase your chance of selecting the right candidate who will get the job!
  • Beat the competition by having the best people on your books.
  • Impress your client by continuously offering superior candidates.
  • Allow you to become or consolidate your role as a preferred supplier.
  • Reduce the risk of sending the wrong candidate to an interview which can be very costly, not only losing that job but potentially losing that hard-won client!

Why Use ObjectLab Ltd?

ObjectLab Ltd has access to a pool of technical experts. These consultants are at the leading edge of technology and have also been involved in recruiting contractors and permanent member of staff for large projects. They are able to spot the weakest link like nobody else! They know the terminology and jargon of technology.

How does it work?

Very simple, you email us a maximum of 5 CVs that you have selected and the job description you are trying to fulfill. Depending on the service level you require, the candidate's name may not need to be divulged. You do not have to tell us who the ultimate client is. You then select and pay for the required service (a company account or multiple checks may be negotiated). Here are the service levels:

  1. Level 1:Our technical experts review the 5 CVs and the job specification, they then rate each candidate against the job description. We produce a report which will be emailed to you. We aim to provide the report within 24h.
  2. Level 2:Same as the previous level but we will contact the top 3 candidates and invite them to take part in a short technical test. The results will be reported to you as soon as possible but this is dependent on the candidate taking the test. The test is a broad java test (for instance) aimed at judging the candidate's knowledge but also his/her problem solving and thinking.
  3. Level 3:Same as the previous level but we also contact the candidate for a 15-minute phone discussion about his/her technical experience. We report the findings to you. Once again, the turn around depends on the candidate's availability.

We treat your information as strictly confidential and will not pass it on to anyone. We will never discuss your candidates or job descriptions with another agency.

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